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22 Octobre 2019

News from Malta and Cyprus !

Actuellement en stage d’observation à Malte et à Chypre, Sylvie BURBAN (EPS) et Marie CINTRAT (personnel d’éducation) nous font partager leur expérience qui se veut très enrichissante :

‘‘Hello there!

Here is the photo of my working class, so you can see my new international friends from Poland, Columbia, Russia and Germany! The teacher Catarina is in the bottom center of the picture. She is so nice, it is a real pleasure to learn with her! Everybody has different jobs, so we have lots of ideas and experiences to share. I am the only French student and they like « Frenchies » and I start to enjoy this!

Limassol is not a real beautiful city, it is very industrial and the historic center is very small. But the weather is good (34 degrees this morning) and I live right next to the beaches, so I can go swimming after school!

The film festival yesterday was great, I think we will go back this evening!

I have to go now. I must do my homework, good evening to everybody!”



As you know I am not in Malta only to swim or to go to the cinema or to have a drink with my new friends. No I am in Malta to work my English!!! On this picture you can see an Italian, a Colombian, a Thai, our teacher, a Korean, a French, a German, a Slovene, a Russian and a Japanese.

See you…

I have my homework to do now...’’